dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Fade out, fade in: Martha versus Darryl.

It occurs to me that Lynn's need not to stray too far from the Pattersons had victims who aren't Molly and Gayle. This need she has combines with her need to not have too many side characters in order to force her to eliminate a slot in Mike's social circle to make room for 'love interest.' Said slot happens to be 'other Caucasian male friend' and is named Darryl Smythe.

The reason that I say this is that she did the same thing when she replaced Christopher Nichols with Anthony Caine in that the replacement has similar physical characteristics but was not really the same because of one key difference. Just as Anthony is what would happen if Christopher had eyeglasses, Martha is probably what would happen if Darryl were a girl 'cause they've both got fair hair and freckles and also, Elly doesn't really seem to like them much that I've noticed.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat

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