dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Fiona Finagle

You know I keep saying that Jean and her social circle believe that John was cheating on Elly with Fiona because he never quite mentioned her. Well, it would seem that I was off-base by a very little because I skimmed through the “John says that he is going to get an apartment strip” owing to the whole Idiot Plot aspect in which he sends the wrong message by not sending all of it. He clearly mentiones a crazy cousin as being one of the stress factors keeping him up nights but he would have saved himself a lot of trouble had he said that the apartment is for the crazy cousin.

As it stands, we still have dim-brained John totally unaware that his staff hate him because he brainlessly fed them the wrong conclusion despite his burdening them with his home situation like I thought he didn’t. We also have the real-life problem of their probably never finding out what was really going on barring the intervention of an extraneous factor: John complaiing about how ungrateful Mike is for not loving Exile Farm but instead loving his crazy cousin Fiona’s evil pool hall of getting Elly really pissed off.

Tags: fiona

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