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On checking for armpit hairs.

The interesting thing about the sleepover is that it leads directly to Lynn trying to smack someone over the head by proxy without really considering what it  makes her characters look like. This is because we start things off with Mike staring in a mirror clearly waiting for the hormonal upheaval that will make him a real grown-up wom……man and thus obviate Ursula Ridg….the Pattersons’ claims that he still has a lot of growing up to do before being thought of as an adult. This is followed by Lizzie bursting in on him and yelling that he’s checking for armpit hairs like almost no seven year old girl ever. Michael’s reaction to this embarrassment tends to hammer home what inspired the sequence even if we don’t get direct confirmation.

This is because he puts his hands over his chest like a thirteen year old girl with her shirt off because she’s waiting for the Titty Fairy to arrive by her jerk-ass kid brother and responding by threatening to tear his head clean off. What this tells me is that yet again, something Alan did to Lindy as a kid is being shoved into the strip so as to castigate him for doing it and her parents for having him in the first place like she was the wrong everything and all the other messed-up crap she hinted at in her rare honest interviews. The problem is that it’s as far away from being a quarter of an inch to reality as anything Batiuk has done before he let Lisa Crawford-Moore eat his sense of fair play and good-will.

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