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The issue of swimsuits

The interesting thing about the "Mike waits for the Hormone Fairy to arrive" sequence is that it ends with John cheerfully admitting that he spent his teenaged years drooling at the girls as they started to develop. This is because it almost organically flows into the next arc: Elly fretting about how she looks in contemporary swim wear and yowling about how selfish, evil MEN no longer saw fit to provide her a suit that makes her feel desirable and attractive and thin. The problem is that people around her remember something she'd prefer not to: she can't look in the mirror and actually see someone reasonably pleasant looking.

It's sadly obvious why she doesn't want to draw the logical conclusion implicit in her never allowing herself to be consoled when she's having a 'fat' day. First off, we'd have to have her look at her past and admit that she's simply not wired to be happy with who she is or what she looks like. It's not NORMAL to be unable to be happy and wanting to be normal is pretty much what Elly lives for so her inability to take pleasure in life is something she can't admit to. Also, she'd have to look back and see that maybe, she'd misjudged people and situations and that would lead to the humiliation she's been fleeing from ever since her damaged mother conflated high spirits with being tyrannized: being forced to apologize for something.
Tags: elly versus herself

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