dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Notes on a failed hybrid....

In Lynn's latest comments to the media, she put some pretty good spin on the fact that she got the shock of her life when papers started dropping the strip becuase they thought that the wacky adeventures of the Pattersons had come to an end. She soon figured out the cause: nobody wanted to see a glorified clip show on their comics page. Her response to that was simple, slowly but surely drop the notion of the hybrid altogether. Her plan now is to, sometime this September, simply go back and start from where she began twenty-nine years ago. She plans to expand a little bit about Connie and Ted's failed marriage and why evil social climber Mira forced poor, innocent Deanna to leave the earthly paradise that is Milborough as well as turn young, cute Elly into a turnip-nosed freak and maybe even drop hints that didn't previously exist that Lawrence was gay but people were too dim to pick up on it. The problem with doing a best-of like this is that the first three years of the strip had no real continuity. In short, she'd be better off pretending they never happened at all. That being sadi, we'll have seen the last twenty-six years of these peoples' lives and are thus too invested in the characters to simply go back to the beginning. I should think that that's the case with her, too. It seems to me that the Cofee Talkers aren't the only people who'd want the story to continue past this autumn now that she's deferred retiring completely. I fully expect to see that the plans to start over might be put on the shelf for a while. Whether this means that the Tome of Destiny I spent a week or so discussing is on hold too is as mysterious as the rest of her plans.
Tags: notes from mount foob, the hybrid is dead

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