dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly and Jim: a theory.

It seems obvious that Elly isn't really all that worried about what Jim is going through right now. We know that he is lucid for the most part but seems to be slowly slipping into a predicted state in which he no longer recognizes his surroundings or the people around him, thereby moving him from the Senior's complex in which he now lives to spend the last of his days in an assisted living environment. Her refusal to be bothered by this or to offer Iris clearly needed help makes her look selfish and ungrateful because we can clearly see that even for a healthy young woman taking care of the indefinitely infirm would be backbreaking labor. I should think that we'd end up seeing strips in the immediate future that would point out that Elly spent most of her time trying to get Iris to make things easy on herself and let Jim go to Sunset Manor, that letting go would be the best thing for everyone. This is because Lynn sort of realizes that Elly kind of looks like a creep and wants to retcon away her sins. I should also expect to see something that explains that our turnip-nosed protagonist had gone through the stages of grief in a few milliseconds, that she's convinced that her dad is dead but his body doesn't know it yet. I get the feeling the point of all this drama we're seeing is to convince Iris and April that it's letting go of him and moving on is the best way to honor him.
Tags: chinnuts, iris, picky-face martian princess creature, sheet shaver

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