dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The realest dope about the Settlepocalypse.

Of course, the real problem that I have with the stupid bloody soap opera Lynn thought would improve the last years of the strip is that it did no such thing. Now, Lynn might think that her audience would have been very pleased indeed with the "redemption of Elizabeth" nonsense we were subjected to but it seems to me that had Liz and Anthony not been the stars of a cheesy, sleazy romance comic but instead two more people who get sort of treacly and smug about how faithful they were during University and how they had a tidy little marriage without jolts, shock or drama, they'd be more bearable people than the monsters we wound up with.

The problem, though, is that Lynn had herself a damned itch to scratch and it led her to something far outside her competence zone. Just as Batiuk should have left serious business aside and stuck to doing a down-beat and wan copy of Archie, Lynn's talents lie in the recording and playback of the dirt-ordinary behaviour of tidy little people who try to avoid trouble. Simply put, Pattersons and Patterson-like people are not meant to experience what Liz and Anthony did. They are meant to stand on the sidelines and make ill-informed and superior comments about people who are.
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