dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On camping trips and funerals.

As we know, Lynn used the messed-up camping trip John and Phil went on as a boundary separating the Early and Middle Years of her strip owing to the fact that shortly afterward, Lizzie started attending elementary school. Personally, I think that John and Elly probably justify using September 1986 as a dividing line because they went from a 'young' family just starting out to a more mature family with two children in school and not because a few months earlier, John learned that his brother in law is a walking hazard in the wilds. The reason that I mention this is that this is probably not how Mike and Liz think the dividing line ought to be.

This is because I like to think that when the two of them look back on their childhoods, they refer to things happening either before or after Thelma Baird passed away. It seems to me that when they just happened to start attending school means rather less to them than when it became a reality that they were never going to see this person they knew and liked any longer. It also seems to me that the Elly who wanted Lizzie to stop feeling pain or sorrow because Thelma didn't suffer has no real idea that her children use what she calls a sad miracle as a reference point.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, elly versus the grieving process

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