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The sad miracle of the inflammation of the brain.

The odd thing about the whole business about the Circle of Life bird's nest is that we have to deal with an annoying trend that makes the Pattersons look like worse people than they actually should be: their insistence on being abysmally ill-informed about pretty much everything while at the same time being convinced of their having the best words and the best knowledge. The reason for their being given a free pass for being a whole damned family of Cliff Clavin can best be summed up by the following rule of thumb:

If a character is attempting to appear profound, intelligent or worldly-wise and, in doing so, reveals him or herself to be laughably ignorant, we should take the incoherent and factually incorrect gibberish he or she pushes past his lips to be the Wisdom of the Gods.

which is balanced by the corollary

1. If someone who is not a Patterson offends a Patterson by saying something that most people would regard as both reasonable and sensible, that person is in the wrong.

2. If April is oppressing another Patterson by saying something reasonable and sensible that he or she doesn't feel like hearing, she can be considered a non-Patterson.

This is why April is an extra-selfish drama garbage troll princess person for making ill-informed and selfish drama queen noise about how Liz is big enough to get her own damned apartment and should also maybe feel guilty about rewarding a skeevy little thief.
Tags: one big oblivious family, the foob facts

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