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The Land of Forgotten Foobs......

One of the most annoying phenomena of the strip's end game is the steady contraction of the Patterson's social circle. As we return our focus to the domestic sphere, their social lives have slowly withered and died until they only keep themselves company. What makes this worse is that Lynn seems to have adopted an annoying practice: creating characters to meet some social agenda and then dropping them when no longer needed. As an example, we have the people of Mtigwaki. They were designed for the sole purpose of being local color for Liz's little jaunt up North but now that she's got the adventure bug out of her system, they can safely be forgotten. Shannon Lake, I should think, would have had that happen to her had things gone on long enough. Like Paul, Gary and the rest, she isn't a character in her own right; she's a device to show how much the incarnation of Lynn she reports to cares about an issue. She might have been dragged out of obscurity once or twice to remind people of Lynn's supposed depth of feeling but, other than that, she's a spent force. That's something she has in common with Jeremy Jones, who was designed to adress the issue of bullying or Lawrence Poirier, who became Lynn's poster child for how much she cares about the gay community. Both are referred to from time to time; both are irrelevant. I write this because once Jim passes on, there's going to be another person joining them in their limbo-like state: Iris. She isn't a family member like he was as much as she's a family retainer to be dropped when her services become unnecessary.
Tags: iris, land of the forgotten

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