dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The last Dawn-mino.....

It would appear that I really forgot to mention the last thing touched off by the kitchen remodeling arc: Lynn finally realizing that just as Mike didn't really have to leave the neighbourhood to build up his supporting cast, it would be easy-peasy for Liz's friends to be within two or three blocks of her. This is because Mike needed company doing something he knows is stupid but has to do in order to qualify as a big brother bully by dragging Brian into his Fortress Of Excluding Girls To Keep Them From Realizing That WE GREAT GUYS Are Unimaginative Drones Who Might As Well Do Chores Anyway Because We're Too Fucking DUMB To Come Up With Ideas Ourselves. This means that when Mike idiotically tempts fate by thinking that no weak, stooooopid girl could possibly fight back against him and gets his stupid ass hosed down, Dawn Enjo also gets dragged into his stupidity.

What this means is that over the summer, Liz and Dawn compare notes and realize that they have idiot older brothers who are too damned full of themselves and don't really have anything much to boast about really in common. What differentiates them is that Dawn is a slightly nicer girl and less inclined to the insane and self-pitying jealousy that is still fucking Lizardbreath up to this day.
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