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Why John doesn't (want to) understand the silent treatment.

To continue on with yesterday, it's fairly obvious that John might not especially want to have to remember why Elly doesn't like to share much. The first and most obvious reason is that he doesn't really like remembering that he's got a nasty temper when he feels as if he's being disrespected or treated like a chump. Just as Woefully Inept And Self-Servingly Vindictive Monster Mom Elly thinks of herself as being things she is not like loving, fair, firm and kind, Hot-Tempered Man-Infant John doesn't want to admit that he's anything other than a friendly, approachable but misunderstood type. Admitting to himself that Elly doesn't want her head bitten off or cruelly mocked for having emotional needs that get in his way means looking in the mirror and seeing the dickhead he actually is and that's not allowed.

The less obvious reason is that he never actually troubles himself to understand who the Hell he married in the first God-damned place. Just as he sees Michael as a bio-robot meant to do yardwork without hesitation or complaint and the girls as a cheering section that reminds him what a great guy he is, the moron with the mechanistic viewpoint sees Elly as something plopped on the ground to cook, clean and rear children. Understanding that she was forced to lose every argument in order to save her from herself by his imbecile mother-in-law is something the dolt files under A for "Absolutely Irrelevant" despite its potential to fuck up his life. 
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