dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The son in our eyes......

To get back to the irritating problem that is Mike not really learning that other people have feelings too is having to remember the stupid conclusion that he drew from his encounters with people in genuine distress. In the case of Deanna, he came to the stupid conclusion that he didn't need to learn sweet fetch all because Fate delivered unto him the MIRACLE that was a reunion with a longed-for childhood crush. We had to deal with a similar problem when his accidental salvation of Mrs Dingle left him with the belief that he's a magic man fated to make miracles happen for the downtrodden. In both instances, he transmuted his blithe lack of concern of or interest in the lives of others into his being a super great guy who just makes things better for those worth his time. (This, of course, is accompanied by his belief that people in his way should die in a cancer fire.)

This, I should think, is why he too loses at life. Simply put, he's still the same dumb kid whose idea of a complete story was "Sum kidz wuz lost an'then waz fownd"; since he never really cared to learn who people are and what they want because he thinks everyone should want what he does, he's doomed to barge through life not really understanding why things happen and why people do what they do. Also, his lack of self-awareness means that he still doesn't know that he's seen as a ridiculous dilettante who got lucky and won't shut up about it.
Tags: just say noir

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