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The badly crafted deck and why Mike fails some more.

 The interesting thing about the discussion of the renovation project is that it was pointed out that Mike became Super-Handy Guy out of the blue for a very stupid, annoying and predictable reason. Well, actually, it was THREE reasons. The first reason was to show OFF to someone who got under his skin what a great guy he was by doing a half-assed job that would look like shit the instant any sort of water got on it. The second reason was to get praise from an easily-impressed old lady who sees him as a replacement for the children she alienated being a moron. They both lead to the third stupid reason: him reminding himself that he's really the best person ever and shouldn't have to deal with boring, ordinary people and their stupid and mean-spirited comments about getting paid, not being required to do something and, worst of all, shitty carpentry that cost a fortune to fix later on.

A poorly-built back that aged horribly and made Michael look like an even more insufferable prick than he already did might be said to serve as emblematic of why when the curtain fell on the Pattersons, he too failed hard at life. The jackass who sneered at the mean man because he got paid in full is pretty much the same person as the asshole kid who will die hating his kid sister because everyone fussed over her for doing nothing when they were always ever supposed to praise things he was supposed to do anyway. His bottomless need to be rewarded for every stupid little thing makes him perhaps an even less sympathetic jerk than John is and that's saying a lot. It's saying that he'll be a bitter old man complaining that the world passed him by some day. 
Tags: just say noir

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