dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

April Redux or 'What I don't know isn't knowledge'.

You may have noticed that the April character seems to have beamed in from another solar system. There are a bunch of damned good reasons for that. The first, of course, is that she isn't based on an actual living Johnston. Lynn had a vague desire for a third child sixteen years ago, but had started to go through menopause, so she simply made one up. This also meant, in her mind, she most likely wouldn't have lived to see the kid grow up anyway. That way, Elly got to have the child she wanted to have but couldn't. The second reason is that April, like all the other characters, represents a part of the author's personality. Unfortunately, it's a part Lynn DOES NOT like: the anarchic little voice in her head who keeps telling her that all the things she holds dear are probably bullshit. Why else do all the other characters make a point of blathering about what a spoiled brat she is and how she needs to be taken down a peg or ten? Or how ludicrous and WEIRD her values are? The sad thing is that Lynn CANNOT or WILL NOT see that April is the character her audience identifies with and whose behavior they find worthy and normal. The fact that her readers have, to her warped mind, gone insane is her REAL reason for quitting. The third, and major, reason is that she depicts teen-aged life the way she thinks it happens. She wouldn't dream of actually observing the human condition, but simply shows us her baffled and disgusted reaction to the world around her. She's proud of her sullen ignorance of the modern world; why do you think her avatar for her artistic turn of mind is MICHAEL or, as he should be called, 'Lynn-as-pointlessly-resentful-blowhard'.
Tags: st elly versus the martian menace

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