dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

In love with being in love makes you stupid.

One of Michael's more distressing traits is that when he looks back on his past, his theatrical nature, poor grasp on what's going on around him and just plain being a knuckle-dragging simpleton makes him see the wreckage left behind when people he genuinely did love did what everyone does: string him along to make a fool of him so they can repay his love with mockery about how they only pretended to be his friend to be cruel and laugh at him for being stupid enough to think that anyone would want to be around him. His inability to process Elly's dread of his need for affection makes of him a muttonhead who turns every failed relationship into a recapitulation of that first and earliest rejection.

The reason that I mention this reason why Mike is going to lose out in life is that while he is in love with people until they reveal themselves as really wanting to kick him and mock him and so on and so forth into the miasma of self-hatred is that at least his objects of affection are actual people that he tries to value for themselves. This differentiates him from Liz because she doesn't seem to care much at all about who's paying her attention just so long as she gets it. The barnacle child who went UNG-UNG-UNG because the large object she clung to was pushing her away when IT shouldn't have seems never to have really picked up on the fact that people have more to do with their lives than look at her. 

This makes of her someone who's never been in love with any person at all in her life. She's in love with the feeling of euphoria she gets when people make her feel safe so never bothered learning how to keep the flame alive really. She alienated Warren and Paul by making it obvious that she didn't seem to feel any sort of need to earn the attention she expected and I should think that the only real reason that she's still married to Anthony is to make sure that her parents still pay her attention and make her feel good. Also, there is the need to hit back at the terrible people who call her a vain show-off who barged in where she didn't belong. 
Tags: just say noir

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