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The victims we know fairly well......

Of course, there's another reason besides watching Mike be a whiny, oblivious bitch about his dalliance with Martha that makes me too damned angry to want to cover it in the Foobiverse. It's bad enough having to remember that he never actually really trusted Martha in the first place or that he can't allow himself to admit that whining "But that's DIFFERENT" when it's pointed out that expecting her to endure the anger of the girl posse he expects her to rebel against while he HAS to worry about what THE GUYS think is gratuitously self-serving and hypocritical without having to remember the one thing that more or less spelled the death knell of their relationship: having to meet her family.

You see, Michael never really seems to have wanted to understand that she had a life outside of worrying about whether he was going to blow hot or cold. It pleased him to imagine her as simply standing around in some sort of limbo waiting for him to make her life wonderful and the realization that she had a family that had an opinion about him didn't humanize her, it made her a lesser being in his eyes. It made her someone who wouldn't collapse and die of loneliness when he was out of the picture and that made him angry and hurt because she could dump HIM first when she got sick of him and that was such a cruel thing to do. Why, she was probably agreeing with the cruel people that he was all wrong for her in the first place. This seems to have had the odd effect of convincing his mushhead sister Liz that it would not do to meet Paul's parents either. She wanted the option of dismissing him as a fantasy creation and having to meet them would ground him in reality and make her partly to blame if things didn't work out. Blaming her for anything is cruel and wrong because SHE LITTLE!!!!!!!!
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