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As I've mentioned in the past, it seems rather bloody obvious that Anthony never actually loved Elizabeth as a person. We got a great big malodourous whiff off of the compost heap he calls a mind when he drooled about the fantasy of rescuing an inert Liz from drowning. She was supposed to be sooooo grateful, she'd just fall for the freak without hesitation, wants and needs as a person be damned. The problem is that the poor dimwit doesn't realize that he himself is the subject of the whole damned Patterson family's sick and disgusting rescue fantasy. They don't see the entitled and sullen dick who hollered like he was being bum-buggered because his 'evil', 'cruel' and 'greedy' father suggested that if he wanted a car, he'd actually have to work for it. Oh, wait. That's why he needs rescuing: his father suggests that if he wants good things to happen, passively waiting for the Miracle is for suckers, daydreamers and idiots.

It's like how they want to very much not see that Elly and Mira Sobinski are functionally the same woman and distract themselves from that sad fact by playing up a rescue fantasy wherein they save her from a filthy beast who's pretty much a product of their own need to deny that they too are grasping social climbers who aren't really fooling anyone. What they don't realize is that Deanna probably sees herself as saving Mike from 'evil' people like Rhetta who shouldn't come with a warning label stating that she has toxic levels of mommy issues. Since they aren't really married to one another but instead are married to fantasy projections of victimization, I don't really see their having a happy life for very long. Their marriages will probably last the rest of their lives but most of said lives won't be really worth living owing to having to spend all that time in denial.


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Jun. 22nd, 2017 01:28 pm (UTC)
Meanwhile, back in State City, Andy Palinkas doesn't know it for certain but he suspects that Mercy Wainwright has a discreet little sideshow. Which is not surprising since David has always fooled around a little. Connor and Melissa rub along okay, still, but it's not happily ever after, and Connor has long ago faced the fact that he made Melissa up. Christine, just lately, has met a mild-mannered music teacher with a Peter Yarrow beard who has no idea that she's been ho-ing around for the past decade. She tells Andy she lives in fear that he'll find out; Andy says he probably won't care.
Jun. 22nd, 2017 01:42 pm (UTC)
In other words, the universe is unfolding as it was meant to....with the characters' hopes colliding messily with objective reality.
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