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Protagonist-Centered Martyrdom: The Food Waste Problem.

 As we know, I've no intention of covering any arc or individual strip that has Elly nag her teeming get about wasting food, cooking food for themselves or bitching about their having the good table manners she doesn't have herself. The reason why is the arc we're just about to watch. We start things off with Elly reacting to Lizzie not wanting to eat a hot dog that had the flavour boiled the Hell out of it with her near-standard expression of blind rage. Since the strip is for angry mothers who blame their children for the fact that they were born to resent anything not themselves, we can safely say that most of the idiots who get defensive when it's intimated that most sane people think that Elly is a violently unfit parent want to join her in screaming about the unfairness of an evil law enacted by professional childless people that would penalize Elly for sitting on Lizzie's chest and FORCING her to eat the weenie. We then transition to her acting all superior to her selfish and evil and selfish child by eating the tube of lips and assholes she doesn't want to eat while the other horrible child says that palatability and food should go together because evil children are evil and turn their backs on the love in their mother's great big hearts and want the food they show their love with to actually taste good.

This transitions into the wider scope problem: her turning a blight on society at large into something that only makes her own life worse. For some reason lost to history, Elly was trained to think that emptying her plate was the touchstone of being a loving child while at the same time believing that being 'overweight' meant that no man could or should love her. This means that she has an unhealthy relationship with food that will pretty much never get better. She'll die seeing a plate of left-overs or food tossed away because no one wants it as meaning that she herself is morally defective and should be brutally and publicly murdered for the greater good; what I object to is seeing this sort of self-destructive and insane neurosis being presented as some sort of sacrifice to be admired instead of what it is: a destructive narcissist crucifying herself because her kids don't like her heavy-ass casseroles that make them feel as if they can't move.  
Tags: elly on her cross

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