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"It's not something I pay attention to": John the vain.

As we all know, Lynn deliberately drew John with a pot belly and slumped, rounded shoulders because it irritated her that he would have aged better than she did even if she didn't have those nasty body image issues to contend with. She seems to have taken the same childish delight in making light of what her paranoid nature made her see as an attempt to make her feel bad by looking better as she did in trying to insert bathroom humor into the strip.

The reason that I mentioned this is that the most recent Sunday strip is one of the first in a series of strips in which it's hinted that while John might say that he really doesn't let his declining looks bother him, the same man who lectures Elly incessantly about how she should just stop worrying about her appearance is a rather vain person in his own right. This, I should think, stems from Rod's attempts to console her being deliberately twisted into something like "Stop worrying and accept you're ugly! You're married so should stop wanting to look good!!" You'd have to be a fiend to say that and, well, John IS that fiend.
Snarky Candiru2

The reason for the "Jean's pregnancy" arc.

As you might have gathered by now, Lynn seems very much to have regarded Rod's career as both a threat to their marriage and as a personal affront. Just as the silly, silly woman spent October 1984 yowling about how her selfish, cruel and ungrateful son maliciously turned his back on all of the mother love coming out of her great big heart because he wanted to buy a costume from a store instead of letting her show the world what a great mother she was, Rod is going to spend November getting raked over the coals for his imagined sins.

First off, we have to deal with the fact that Lynn regards John's staff as a harem of beautiful women who do what all beautiful women do to 'plain' people such as herself: destroy any chance she might have of happiness because as we all know, beautiful women not only ask to be ogled by perverts, they long to hear the anguished, despairing wailing of the women whose lives they were built to ruin.

After ticking off the box marked "Rod's girls want to wreck my marriage because that's the only reason women enter the medical profession", she ticked off the box marked "Rod/John only pretends to respect my/Elly's opinion" when she wrote the "We hire the woman who doesn't make Elly feel threatened" strip.

Finally, we have to contend with the fact that John is presented as being a piss-poor dentist in the first place. This seems almost engineered to destroy Rod's reputation so that he might be a 'good' husband, stop flying around and trying to cheat on her with his harem and do something useful with his life by devoting himself to insulating her from a world that frightens her. You see, I don't think that Lynn ever got into the habit of looking after herself and still seems to need someone to take care of her. If Rod has to give up something he loves to make that happen, Lynn seems to view that as being a very fair trade indeed.
Snarky Candiru2

On sewing schools and harems.

You might just have noticed a bit of an assymetry in how dealing with imbecile husbands who don't get that treating their wives like a maid, nanny and cook makes them look like lazy, self-absorbed shitwads is handled. What we're seeing right now is John being made into the bad guy because he thinks that the sovereign cure for the stress Elly's crazy woman hormones is causing is to quit that silly pretend job she doesn't 'need' because he's an evil, selfish conflict-causing MAN who refuses to understand that women need identities of their own too. If the strip had continued, Elly would have eventually prevailed upon Deanna to quit that stressful job that was keeping her from her family because she knows better than anyone else. The reason, of course, is that just as Lynn hated the idea of people questioning her need to isolate herself from her family and churn out Foob, she also really hated the idea that Rod had an identity that wasn't based on serving her needs. While she really, really hated the idea that she had to share him with women who simply had to be predatory lest she have to face the idea of actually being a jealous idiot who lives to get her bowels in an uproar over nothing, what really angered her is that he didn't see the need to put her needs first. This would have been the real reason WHY Deanna's job would be soooooo unfulfilling and haaaaaard that she haaaaad to quit. Would it have mattered to Lynn if by some odd chance, she actually heard people complain about Deanna's jettisoning everything about herself that isn't dedicated to slaving away for an idiot husband who sees her as an appliance with reproductive organs? Probably not. Neither would any complaints about how she was using John as a means of nagging him about his silly need to care about her changing her mind about quitting. More on that next.
Snarky Candiru2

John and his (lack of) patience.....

As you know, Lynn loves to make John look like the least competent dentist in the history of ever. We have a lot of documented evidence that shows us that he really, really doesn't have much of an attention span not the patience required to be able to focus on small details for long periods of time. Looking at him suck and fail at a job he loathes is what got us all used to the Pattersons living in a world of miracles and magic.

Contrast him with Rod who loves dentistry and seems to be fairly good at it; also contrast John with Rod and his love of modeling and his ability to get lost in the sheer joy of the tiniest of details. You might ask yourself what it is about him that Lynn resents to the extent that she makes him look like a thumb-fingered blowhard playing with toys. I should think that it's the fact that she envies and resents his having a normal work ethic. Always one to prefer mere quantity with quality, Lynn doesn't understand and doesn't like the idea of taking the time to focus on things and get them right. Since Rod cares enough to make things perfect, Lynn thinks of him as being one of the too-good-to-be-true types who somehow cheated their way to good grades because the idea of doing stuff she hates gives her the wicked jeebies.