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The Thomas Girls and their disappearance.

Of course, Janice and the annual solo trips that Elly never did get around to taking and Fiona Brass weren't the only traditions Lynn never bothered establishing. In Janice's case, Lynn couldn't get into writing for a tomboy because doing so would make Elly look too damned much like her mother for comfort and she couldn't have Fiona in the strip as a fixture for much the same reason. As for the trips, she seems to have noticed that something she didn't want to happen happened; instead of her family missing her as much as she hoped they would, they didn't actually pine away for her like they were supposed to.

What interests me is that the same damned thing seems to have happened to Molly and Gayle Thomas. As we know, she'd started to set Elly up as being a professional good adviser to Today's Troubled Youth only to, well, have the two of them move back with their unseen mother after years of being off-screen. The reason, of course, is that Lynn seems to have gotten bored with the idea of Elly being a mentor to someone and seems to have reacted in the negative to letters that had people comment on how Elly was, in fact, ignoring her own kids by doing so. The reason that I find this interesting is that I can't help but wonder what would have happened if she'd been there when Connie wanted Greg to talk sense into Lawrence. Seems to me that if she'd hinted at what a manipulative jerk Greg was and how he has to have things JUST SO or else, we'd have had context into why they moved to Milborough. Too bad Lynn couldn't see that possibility when she was culling the cast herd.
Snarky Candiru2

The very curious thing about the trip.

The very interesting thing about this arc is that while Elly tells herself that she'll have to go away by herself more often, she never actually did. As howtheduck pointed out, it would seem that at some point, Lynn lost interest in sharing her experiences on the road and, as she had before and would afterward, scaled back from her original plans and quietly dropped the whole thing. While she could sort have gotten away with girling Janice up before quietly dropping her (as she will in about a month or so) by saying "Oh, well. Janice's family moved away in 1985" and thereby satisfying we cage-belonging-in picky faces who ask too much of her, not giving Elly an annual solo adventure makes this current one all the more depressing in that it's just another means by which Elly can be tormented by the promise of having an identity that isn't MUM!!! that never comes around again.